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Thoughts from a few singers…

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all my years in NKCC. Singing in this chorus recharges my batteries each week, puts a smile on my face, and brings much joy to my life. Making music with this wonderful group of people is truly an inspiring experience! I’ve had many ‘goose bump’ moments during concerts and even rehearsals as our voices unite in some beautiful piece. I consider it a blessing from God to be a part of NKCC.

Mary Brueggemann


When I come to a NKCC rehearsal on Tuesday nights, there are several things that I anticipate with eagerness: singing good music that our director has chosen, singing challenging music that is going to push me beyond my comfort zone in a way that I need to be pushed, and singing music together with a fine group of musicians who seem to share my love for music and singing. For those reasons, NKCC is an invaluable part of my life and I am greatly appreciative for the opportunity to be a part of the group!

Chris Copeland


Music, especially singing, is an essential part of life to me. It gives me emotional release, it challenges me mentally and physically, and it connects me with the Infinite in ways that few other things can. Simply put, I cannot live without music!

Chuck Hawkins


March 2017 article in Life In The Hills and Springs: